3 Tips On How To Develop Intuition

Arlene Mills
4 min readNov 5, 2021


As a spiritual intuitive and intuitive psychic, I have spent years honing and developing my intuitive abilities so that I may continue to give accurate and helpful readings to my clients. Today I’d like to share with you three tips I have for how to develop intuition in a way that is organic and authentic to yourself.

But first, let’s review what intuition actually is.

What is intuition?

What’s really interesting is that when we are very young, we usually have very good intuitive instincts. We may often have a feeling about something or know what others are thinking, or know how to maneuver around situations by using our gut instincts.

As we mature, we may become even more aware of our gut instinct and our intuitive abilities. There are times in our lives that we simply just know! We have a strong feeling or a sense of something. We have an intuitiveness throughout our lives with our family, our jobs, our relationships and our health. These intuitive skills are always at work and used daily!

However, sometimes we do not necessarily think about intuition, let alone how to develop intuition. Often when our intuition kicks in, it’s to help ourselves make better decisions or to stay safe. And yet, it is remarkable how many times we ignored our intuition and second guessed ourselves, only to find out later that we made the incorrect decision.

Should I have listened to my intuitive side? you may have asked yourself before. I think so, as it is my belief that our intuition does not lead us astray.

So, intuition is simply the capacity to innately tune in to what is already there. These innate intuitive skills continue to grow with us as we age — but sometimes for some people, their intuition may become more blocked as they age. Something gets cut off or lost, the intuition stops flowing, and so they may want to actively learn how to develop intuition.

How To Develop Intuition

Learning how to develop intuition is a journey in and of itself, so be patient and be sure to dedicate time to your craft with these 3 tips.

Tip #1: Try out daily intuitive exercises.
To help increase your intuition, find opportunities that allow you to intuit if something is about to happen, or what may occur. As an easy example, I used to watch busses pull up at the bus stop and used my intuition to see if it was a female or male driver. Or when the phone rang, I would try to determine who’s calling before I answered. Find these intuitive moments throughout your day and tap into them. Pay close attention to them and notice what your senses and gut tells you.

Tip #2: Find a mentor or a group of like minded people.
Learning how to develop intuition through others is a fantastic way to improve your intuitive skills. Find a circle of likeminded people who are also wanting to develop their intuition. Take development classes with them. It is about gaining the confidence and trust in your own intuition as much as it is about developing it. So often in life we override our own intuition, so working with others to develop it has a positive impact. Even better, if you can find an intuitive mentor or teacher, you will learn so much from them. Developing intuition doesn’t have to be a solo practice!

Tip #3: Use divination tools like tarot to help you learn.
Not all intuitives, psychics and mediums use divination tools — I personally do not. However, I have good friends that use decks like the tarot card deck and oracles cards to assist in the reading. Some other tools could include crystals, pendulums, tea leaves, colour ribbons or other divination tools. These tools are often used as a support to their own intuition and psychic abilities when giving a reading. Ensure to study the history and craft of these tools.

At the end of the day, we’re all intuitive and we can all learn how to develop intuition. All of us have gut instinct and honing the skills in a safe environment while enhancing skills is rewarding. You are not alone when it comes to learning how to develop intuition. There are resources around you. Don’t be afraid to use them!

I hope this helps. If you have any questions about intuitive development, email me at info@arlenemills.com



Arlene Mills

Arlene Mills is a dedicated and trusted psychic and spiritual medium living in Victoria BC. Visit her website and book online with her at www.arlenemills.com