Are People Born a Medium?

Arlene Mills
3 min readSep 15, 2022


If you are interested in mediumship development, you may wonder — are people born a spiritual medium? Or do they become one later in life? How would this feel for myself?

We are all born with many abilities that make us unique individuals. This is part of our human experience and our soul path through life. When we speak of becoming a medium though, it is our uniqueness and life experiences that will assist in mediumship development — not whether or not we are born a spiritual medium already.

Let me explain.

Where does mediumship development start?

Often, people who are drawn to mediumship may have a family history of parents and grandparents or other close ancestors who are very intuitive. Consider the possibility that your past family members may be very gifted, sensitive or Intuitive. This often is passed down through the generations.

An intuitive person will often have the ability to sense and feel others early on in life, providing them with a sense of their surroundings and how others feel. These individuals often know that they have gifts and abilities to sense, feel and read people. One could say these people were ‘born’ with an intuitive nature.

On the other hand, there are individuals who work diligently to develop the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Over many years of training and studying, people can learn how to communicate after a spark of interest in this subject.

To be able to communicate with the spirit world depends on where you are on your journey of life. The journey of life is very important as mediumship development unfolds naturally and beautifully over time. At the end of the day, mediumship development begins with the self, regardless of what skills you were born with or intuitive development in your past family history.

You don’t have to be born a spiritual medium to practice mediumship

Some individuals are naturally sensitive at birth, while others gain more of an understanding of the spirit world later in life. Neither is better or provides more abilities when developing for the spirit world. The development of mediumship depends on your own sensitivity, your life path and your commitment. The soul develops in our own unique way and provides the power that connects the spirit world with us here on earth. Please consider this when thinking about becoming a medium and how well you may be at this work!

Let me ask you a question. Can everyone play piano? Technically yes. We all can learn how to play a piano, pound on the keys, and make noise come out. Few of us have the raw talent that makes it effortless to play beautiful music on the piano though. Most of us have to take many lessons and practice endlessly to be able to play well.

The same is true of mediumship. Mediumship is available for all to learn, and we will learn at our own pace and in our own time. We may never know our skills unless we put in the time and effort to continually blend with the spirit world.

For myself, I was not naturally born a spiritual medium; I chose to be a medium.

Long ago I witnessed a medium deliver a demonstration at a local church and thought it was fascinating and healing at the same time. I then pursued the study and mediumship development with no prior experience connecting with spirit.

I developed the skills necessary to hold the communication link and have worked hard to maintain a relationship with spirit. I believe that everyone who is sensitive and drawn to this field has the ability, and it’s just a matter of awakening and developing it.

Regardless, if you have sensitivity and intuition in your past family or discovered your abilities later in life, know that the important work you can do as a medium to help others is superior to how your abilities came about. When we work for the spirit world, somebody is looking down and thanking us for the ability to connect their family on Earth to those in spirit. The spirit world has much gratitude for abilities we have to share, regardless of how we acquired them.

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