Can Dogs Communicate from Spirit?

Arlene Mills
5 min readSep 15, 2022

Losing a beloved dog is a heartbreaking event, and many people may wonder if it is possible that dogs can communicate from the spirit world.

Well, I am a believer that yes — dogs communicate from the spirit world!

My belief is that a dog has a beautiful soul, and during a mediumship reading, the medium communicates with the dog’s soul to receive information about his or her life. This form of communication is also what happens when we communicate with the soul of a family member or loved one who has passed, including a beloved family pet.

I would love to provide a recent example of a heartfelt dog communication between an owner and her dog. It was an absolutely beautiful reading for both.

How Dogs Communicate From The Spirit World

In June 2022, I was contacted by a previous client about doing a reading for her recently passed beloved dog. Normally I am not accustomed to providing a full animal communication reading specifically, however, I wanted to offer my services and make an attempt to help where possible.

On the day of her reading before we were scheduled to meet, I could hear barking in the hours leading up the reading. Utilizing sensitivity, I noticed a small dog running around my feet. I took notice of this but did not pay too much more attention even though the excited barking was very noticeable. Then the same barking sounds happened again just before the reading with my client.

When I began the reading, I asked if a smaller dog with white and brown hair made sense to her. She did not recognize the dog, so I carried on and blended with a medium sized white dog with some dirty areas on his fur, like an earthy look. My client understood a medium sized dog. I continued to blend with her dog and shortly realized that white was the prominent color.

This dog was beautiful and full of energy. I could sense the light around him that made his fur appear white. The energy her dog displayed was complete excitement and energetic. I knew that her pet was not very old. I was aware the dog was very fond of his owner and completely happy to be available to communicate.

When communicating, I noticed the dog was very active and super happy. I became happy and jumpy at the same time, mimicking what her dog made me feel. By providing information, I was able to describe his personality and his absolute love and loyalty to the family. He made me aware that the love went both ways.

From there, I was shown his favorite parts of the house, the areas by the door where he would often sleep. He also communicated that he sometimes slept at his owner’s feet which would allow him to keep track of her.

Dexter 9 1/2 yrs old, passed to spirit

Her dog shared many memories including having his paws looked after, and his beautiful eyes washed by his own each day to keep clean. This was beautiful evidence of his communication. I took notice of the large brown eyes — the window to his soul. He wanted me to really see him and know him in this reading. His eyes showed his old soul personality, very kind, responsible and loving. He was a very gentle dog.

As part of his evidence, his family time was very important to him and when the opportunity arose to ride in a vehicle, he showed utter excitement. This made me smile as I watched him move back and forth in the back seat. He shared the love of being outside with family and running around. I was aware of the smell of smoke from bonfires nearby and the sitter confirmed this on her property. He loved the outdoors.

Her dog worked very hard to provide his name as he wanted the client to know he was there. At the time, he shared his name with me but I only indicated to the client that it was a male’s name and familiar. Later on, it was confirmed that I had the correct name. There are times a medium may not provide all the information they receive, however, in this case it would have been far better to share the name during the reading though. He worked so very hard to place the name in my mind.

We enjoyed a laugh when her dog shared with me that his owner didn’t provide him with enough treats. He specifically wanted her to know about the treats and we both laughed. Her dog just wanted treats, he said!

Towards the end of the reading, he shared information about something significant under a rock, and a single piece of driftwood. What I was able to understand from my client is that the rock had significance to his passing. At the time my client didn’t quite understand driftwood, however, the following day she remembered a piece of driftwood that her dog would often take from the garden and she would always have to put it back. She knew a day later what he was conveying regarding the rock and the driftwood.

This is beautiful evidence that he was there with us. He also shared with his owner that it is okay to get another dog. Her new dog will be similar but slightly different. He indicated in time she will be ready again. He showed me a visual that indicated she would scour the advertisements until the right puppy was available.

The visual he used was a newspaper, however, we know that newspapers are less utilized. He used this visual with me to share that he knew that she would not take the first puppy. It is important to find the correct one and he will be there to help her with choosing. The newspaper was representative of her searching widely for a new family pet.

Dog Communication Is Beautiful

It was a beautiful reading and one that I am very proud of.

What I realized the following day was that the small dog who was barking around my feet prior to the reading was my dog Chip, who passed a number of years ago. Chip was a brown and white Bichon Shitzu. I know now that he was there to prepare me by first blending with him as a dog, and then allowing the connection to build so that I could help the client’s dog in spirit. I am truly thankful for Chip’s help.

I am sending lots of love and thanks to Chip and my client’s dog as they both worked so very hard to be with us that day. And the evidence provided was significant. I have a strong belief that dogs do have souls, and dogs communicate from the spirit world whenever they can.

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