Did I have childhood experiences with Spirit?

Arlene Mills
3 min readFeb 1, 2023

As a spiritual medium and psychic, you may wonder if I had any childhood experiences with the spirit world while growing up.

This is always a remarkably interesting question because each of us is a unique individual and we will have all different experiences with spirit. For some, these experiences happen early in life while others happened quite late in life. Each one of us has a varying different level of sensitivity to spirit, our own spirit, and the spirit world.

When gathering with some of my mediumship friends, we sometimes discuss what our first encounters were of the spirit world. For me, it happened much later in life. I was a busy mom and businessperson. I did not have time to digest or even consider a spirit world. The thought of a spirit world or a person passing over was so difficult for me, after losing my brother in 1990.

Years passed and I continued to be busy working and minding my way through life until several pivotal events occurred. Due to these events, I started down the road of mediumship inquiry and understanding of the spirit world.

Even though mediums can have childhood experiences with the spirit world, a large portion of my mediumship acquaintances give a consensus that their awareness and development of the spirit world started during their adult years, like myself. And in fact, these friends in particular expressed they did not have childhood experiences with the spirit world, also like myself.

However, for some of my medium friends, they did have childhood experiences with the spirit world. But then, the sensitivity of spirit would often subside during their teens and young adult life, only to resurface later when the time was right.

What do I mean by ‘childhood experiences with the spirit world’?

You may be wondering what exactly I’m talking about when I refer to childhood experiences with the spirit world. I’m not referring to any sort of paranormal experience in the pop culture sense, like seeing ghosts or growing up in a haunted house.

I’m talking about experiences where a child has an increased sensitivity — seeing, feeling, and hearing through their senses. A child has the time and ability to relax and feel deeply, and these feelings can lead to the awareness of spirit.

Sometimes there is a correlation where individuals who come into mediumship often do so because of difficulties and loss in their life, sometimes from childhood or early adult life. Through these difficult and even traumatic events, it allows the spirit to awaken.

My daughter, around the age of six or seven, spoke of a young spirit lady who communicated with her. The spirit lady’s name was something like Aleasa. The guidance I was given by a Spiritualist minister at the time was not to overact, but to just accept and see what happens.

Over time, the discussions subsided which worked well for our family. Each family of course is different, and you must do what you believe is correct for you.

For those who have a child with sensitivity to spirit — maybe their grandpa or grandmother — it is best not to dismiss it and not to overreact either, as these situations may create overly concerned reactions from those the child trusts, like their mom and dad.

If you have a child who is sensitive, it is my suggestion just to accept that they have a beautiful friend, and they may talk about someone who has a name and personality. There is nothing to fear when it comes to the spirit world; it is a loving and caring world.



Arlene Mills

Arlene Mills is a dedicated and trusted psychic and spiritual medium living in Victoria BC. Visit her website and book online with her at www.arlenemills.com