Do Negative Encounters With The Spirit World Happen?

Arlene Mills
3 min readNov 5, 2021

In life, we often think about scary movies that leave an impact on us. We begin to wonder about scary moments or negative encounters with the spirit world after watching crazy horror movies. Sometimes people ask me if I’ve ever had any negative encounters with the spirit world, and the answer may surprise you.

We all have scary dreams, or sometimes even ominous experiences where one might believe the spirit world is to blame. But in my experience of being a spiritual medium, I have actually never had a negative encounter with the spirit world. Not before, during or after a reading. It simply does not happen because that is not how the spirit world works!

When we pass over, it is hard to believe that we would want to come back and scare our living family members, cause distress, or create havoc to our loved ones. Although — I am sure some of us with a more joking attitude would love to ‘haunt’ our family, but that is not how it works.

My teacher, Mavis Pittilla, is a great teacher and mentor, and is well regarded in the spiritualist community. It is my understanding that Mavis has not encountered a negative experience while communicating with the spirit world — and she has been a medium for over 50 years. This information, along with all of my co-mediums who say the same thing, tells me that having negative encounters with the spirit world simply does not happen.

Where does our perception of negative encounters with the spirit world come from then?

This is a good question, because if you really think about it, why would a family member come back only to be violent? Your answer may be the usual things — the person was murdered, or had a violent life, or they want revenge.

But these are merely cliches and perceptions created by the media.

Pop culture, media and films have planted numerous ideas about negative encounters with the spirit world, primarily for entertainment value. In addition, some religious organizations also speak ill of this type of communication and portray it in a very negative light.

But in reality, the way a person lived or passed on does not create a malevolent nature when they communicate from the spirit world.

Being scared of having negative encounters with the spirit world is really about our own fears. As awareness of spiritual communication and love from the spirit world evolves and more people become accustomed to the consideration of life after death, the fear will reduce within ourselves.

The spirit world really is full of love, and it’s a universal love that has no part in violent, scary, or negative communications with us. I have no fear whatsoever when sitting down with a client and connecting. But I do have a belief that we sometimes manufacture a lot of fear.

Fear is part of the fabric of who we are. Every human is afraid of something, especially if it’s ‘the unknown.’ We become fearful when we do not understand something, and it can lead one to think that negative encounters with the spirit world can happen.

A good example is when someone gets on an airplane for the first time, not really understanding how they work or not really believing fully that they’ll be ok. However, over time and with enough flights under our belts, the fear reduces.

This is very much the same when a person comes to a medium for the first time. We are a society that has a lot of fear, and I understand that. But remember that sometimes ideas of scary things get manufactured, just by our own thoughts, and our own unsureness of the unknown.

So, if I can leave you with a thought of love, it is that the spirit world is full of love, and if they decide to communicate with us, they are going to communicate that love and how much they miss us and care for us, and that they are still with us.If you have any questions or concerns about having a spiritual reading, please contact me.



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