Don’t Give Up On Mediumship!

Arlene Mills
3 min readFeb 1, 2023


I have to say, sometimes I feel I want to give up on mediumship! It’s interesting how there are some activities that make us happy, and bring us joy. However, the world we live in sometimes challenges us on what we can and can’t do. Many of us know that life is not always easy.

I say all this because mediumship is one of those things that falls into this category. Mediumship is not easy to learn and on average it takes a person about seven years to learn intuitive and mediumship skills, and learn the philosophy, understand the ways one could connect to spirit, and understand all the various clairs to help them be the best medium they can be. It is a craft.

And believe me, there were many times I wanted to give up! I wanted to walk away from my craft because I did not think I was good enough, and sometimes compared myself to others as I felt they were more advanced then me. Isn’t this a travesty of the spirit? When one discovers a true passion such as mediumship, the colours of their soul, their happiness, the brightness shines through, and yet they may have the thought more often than not to give up.

Why do we often feel like giving up on things we love?

Why is it that we sometimes want to give up on things that make us happy? This is not only mediumship but life in general. That inner dialogue is sometimes the biggest challenge to overcome, and often it is heightened in mediumship.

When we work with our sensitivity, we often find that mediumship can be emotional, can cause us to trigger all the difficulties in our lives, but it can also create healing for ourselves.

I ask myself, why do I do this work? Why is this so important to my heart and soul? For me, it is because when I help others, I help myself. The love of mediumship is so strong that I am able to work in both worlds which provides much satisfaction. Mediumship not only heals ourselves, but it heals the spirit world. When we, the medium, heal two worlds, we have done our job.

Message Received: Don’t Give Up On Mediumship!

The other day, I happened to be working on a spirit board with family, and the spirit board clearly wrote: Arlene, don’t give up. I was astonished as most times there is no message for me, but there is usually a message for others I am with at the time. I was in awe that the spirit world had been listening to my contemplations about taking more time for myself and leaving mediumship. When I saw this message on the spirit board, I realized that the spirit world loves me and accepts me for who and what I am.

Mediumship is a long road of learning and my tutor has often said “You only become the best medium the day before you pass to the spirit world.” She indicated that we continue to learn and evolve with our mediumship and we continue to grow. I love the idea that we all continue to grow and learn from spirit, however, I know it’s not an easy road.

The mainstream media and television shows make it appear like it’s much easier than what it is! As if all contacts with the spirit world are 100% accurate. But in reality, mediums often are not able to reach this exceptionally high number. I always try for 100% of course, but often on average only get about 80% accuracy. Regardless, I am quite happy to be the source for healing and the in-between medium for spirit and my sitter.

If you happen to be a medium and are contemplating giving up, please don’t! And please always know that the spirit world loves you, listens to your thoughts and wants the best for you. The spirit board recently indicated that I must not give up; they love me and want me to continue the healing work that I do. So allow me to be your spirit board today and provide you the same message.



Arlene Mills

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