How to answer during a mediumship reading?

Arlene Mills
4 min readFeb 1, 2023


Learning how to answer during a mediumship reading is a great topic to address for those who are new to receiving a reading.

Figuring out the process for a reading can be a bit confusing if we use a different psychic or medium each time we go; each reader has a different way of starting the session, delivering the information, or of having the sitter answer in various ways.

This is because each medium has different training and mentoring. Therefore, not one medium will be the exact same as others.

So when it comes to providing an answer during a mediumship reading whenever the reader asks you about the information they’re providing, I will try to explain more about how this works, keeping in mind that this is the way that I personally have been trained.

Why Responding With Clarity Matters

It’s important for you, the sitter, to be as clear as possible when giving an answer to the reader.

When a mediumship reader provides information to a sitter, the sitter can reply with a strong “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t know.” You may think these are sparse responses, but they are all very sufficient answers during a mediumship reading. This is because not only does the spirit world hear the clear yes’s and no’s, the soul of the medium who is doing the reading will build up power and communication when hearing “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t know.”

Clarity builds the communication, so the sitter, who is receiving the reading, can do their part by being clear and concise, even if the answer from the sitter is a clear “No.”

Let me explain a little bit further for you; when a medium is working with you, the information does not originate from their mental thinking mind. The information comes from their soul mind. If a medium is utilizing their mental mind, then the reader will often be incorrect in the information they give. However, when we use our soul mind, we will be correct because the soul is never wrong.

As such, reading the spirit world involves the utilization of our soul mind, which for many is our sensitivity and the utilization of our clairs. There is a very subtle difference between our soul mind and the mental mind, and when developing intuitive skills, we may often confuse the soul mind and the mental mind.

Therefore the medium must know and be able to feel whether the information is coming from the soul mind or the mental mind. And a good way for them to gauge whether or not they are using their soul mind lies in how clear the verbal responses are from the sitter.

How To Answer During a Mediumship Reading

For each reading, there is a trilogy occurring: the sitter, the reader and the spirit world. When we have conversations with those who have passed, the best and most accurate readings come when the sitter provides a clear “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know” throughout the reading.

There are times when I am providing a reading and the sitter wants to provide statements like “Possibly, ummm, well not sure, maybe!” Each of these statements create more problems for the medium as their mental mind will activate right away instead of the soul mind staying with the information.

If you recall, the mental mind is often wrong as it is guessing, rather than the soul mind which is always correct.

Therefore it’s best to stay away from words like “possible” and provide a clear answer of “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know.” If you stick to these three answers, your reading will be much clearer. The spirit world hears you, the medium hears you and you hear yourself, and “maybe, possibly” really does not work well.

Lastly, I personally much prefer that a sitter gives me a clear “No” if the information is not correct rather than trying to make the answer work, because if I receive a clear “No” I will realize that my mind has slipped to my mental mind during the communication rather than staying with my soul mind.

For sitters that provide to me a clear “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know”, they often have a much better reading because it is filled with much more clarity for them.



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