Is there a difference between psychics and mediumship?

Arlene Mills
2 min readSep 22, 2021


One question I often get asked when people come to see me is — what is the difference between psychics and mediumship?

People often ask this because they aren’t sure what type of reading they should get. It’s a great question and one that you should clarify with any medium prior to starting a reading with them. I always appreciate the openness of anyone that I am working with.

The Main Difference Between Psychics and Mediumship

Psychics, an incredibly old term, are also known as an intuitive. A psychic or intuitive person is a reader who connects to you — your soul. For myself when doing a psychic reading, I focus my awareness and feelings toward you to receive information and impressions. When I connect with you, I am able to sense and feel the past, present, and potential for the future.

Questions on your mind will likely come up in this type of reading and yet what is interesting is that you will not have told the reader any information about your thoughts, but they will still pick up on them. A psychic will have a good understanding of the person’s life when they read someone and may be able to answer those questions that you have in your life. These readings may be very healing, often leaving you lighthearted.

Then there are mediumship readings, done by a spiritual medium. This is an area that I love fondly due to the healing nature and the evidence of survival after death. For a mediumship reading, I blend with the Spirit World to connect with family, friends and sometimes pets. I am drawn in closer to a point where I can feel, sense, and know that I have a family or close friend who wants to speak with a sitter.

This is a beautiful experience. While I am conducting the reading, evidence of the loved one’s personality and their life, information about special sentimental trips and items that have memories will come through to me as I share them. This is often information that only the sitter would know.

So, to summarize the difference between psychics and mediumship, psychics blend with the person that has come for the reading in order to connect with their soul and provide guidance in their life. Mediumship is about connecting to the Spirit World.

Both are very healing for the client, and there is much healing needed in this world. Whether it is a psychic or a mediumship reading, I feel you will receive much value out of the time you invest into it. If you would like to know more about my services, or about the difference between psychics and mediumship, please contact me.



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