Signs From Our Spirit Family

Arlene Mills
3 min readFeb 1, 2023


It’s a beautiful thing to receive signs from our spirit family. Sometimes when we see these signs, it may be because we’re having a difficult day and thinking of our loved ones.

I would love to share with you the significance of dimes and butterflies in life.

How Signs From Our Spirit Family Can Show Up

I am aware that spirit is able to draw, move items and manipulate items for positive outcomes. How do I feel this works? Well, everything that is living is energy — the birds, the bees, the trees, the elephants, the lizards, along with ourselves. We create energy with our spirit and soul, and this energy, along with the energy of the spirit world, allows dimes and possibly other items like feathers and pictures to move.

There is a universal law which suggests that the spirit world cannot take any items that belong to anyone, except for items that are already lost, or items that can easily be moved but not taken. For instance, dimes are often a lost item and they can be extracted from the Earth’s dirt. Pictures and drawings can easily be moved, but not removed.

For all of this to occur, there’s a collaboration between the spirit world and your own energy that allows objects to move. When we are experiencing grief or loss, or when we’re contemplating within ourselves, we create an energy connection. Spirits use this connection to show us they’re there for support.


Finding dimes does not always mean you’re having a difficult day even though this seems to be the theme of dimes in my experience! I do feel that it is often when we are at a loss, feeling down and uncertain about the next steps in life that a dime may appear.

However more importantly, dimes may also appear as an “I love you, and I am thinking of you.” Dimes by a bedside table, on top of a closet, inside a drawer or areas where a dime has never been before are remarkable as they often just appear out of nowhere. When a dime appears, consider what you have going on in your life, what you have been contemplating or if you are having difficult days. Consider what is happening.

For some, dimes are a show of support and love, a form of communication to you and withloved ones in spirit.

Are all random dime sightings a sign from the spirit world? Well no, because some dimes are just there in life. However, the next time you find one, consider where the dimes may have come from. Did you lose some change in that area? If you cannot determine how a dime may have arrived in an unusual spot looking right at us, I Would like you to consider that this is a positive form of communication from spirit.


Butterflies can prompt the question — are the butterflies my family member? I feel that butterflies are more of a synchronicity about being in the correct place, and not necessarily a sign from the spirit world. However, I must say that if you are thinking of your loved one, or often in deep contemplation, and if a butterfly, a hummingbird or a small bird shows up and watches you, consider that your loved ones are there. If you feel this is your family then know that in your heart of hearts this is your family communicating! I believe there is a great possibility that the energy of the butterfly or bird is the love of your family.

I hope you find some comfort in my beliefs of the positive energy and communication that comes from the spirit world, and if you have any thoughts on this please don’t hesitate to comment.



Arlene Mills

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