What happens after we die? | Why I don’t believe in earthbound spirits

Many of us have a variety of understandings and beliefs regarding what happens after we die. One of those beliefs is earthbound spirits. I was asked recently about earthbound spirits, and what my beliefs are around them, if any.

As it turns out, I am a medium who does not believe in the concept of earthbound spirits, but I do have other beliefs about what happens after we die.

First though, let’s start with an explanation of earthbound spirits.

Why someone might believe in Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound spirits are considered by some to be spirits in limbo that do not fully transition to the spirit world and remain ‘stuck’ on earth — spirits with unfinished business in a sense. Sometimes we hear about earthbound spirits as spirits that have not ‘crossed over’ or have not ‘gone to the light,’ but we must consider where our sources come from when we hear these sorts of things. Is it from the media? Pop culture? Other’s interpretations? Or your own experience?

I have met many people who are sensitive to the spirit world and as such, they may have an experience of a spirit that is ‘stuck,’ a feeling, a sense, or possibly even a visual, but does this mean that the soul they are sensing has remained here on earth? No; it just means that they have a sensitivity to the spirit world and possibly the ability to communicate with loved ones.

For myself as a medium, I’m able to communicate with individuals who have passed, and each and every sitting that I have done is always with the highest good and the most love. During a reading, I have never ever encountered any type of negativity, lost souls, or any kind of indication that would lead me to believe that there are earthbound spirits, spirits in limbo, or spirits with unfinished business.

As such, I have a strong belief and conviction that when we pass to the spirit world, our soul does fully transition from our body to the spirit world, and therefore, there are no earthbound spirits.

What do I believe about what happens after we die?

I have many beliefs when it comes to life after death. I believe that each and every one of us has a spirit and a soul, so I do feel that each and every one of our souls pass to the spirit world without delay, without confusion, and without problem.

I believe that when people leave their physical bodies, they go to the spirit world immediately. They do not need to stay back as an earthbound spirit. I believe a person would know they have passed, and that they do not need to be ‘guided to the light.’

I believe that when our physical body dies, we are immediately supported in our transition to the other side by family, friends, and our own spirit guides. Have you ever experienced a loved one who is in the hospital and they mention a person who has passed over? This happens quite often; people who are sick and dying will often witness Spirit sometimes days or hours before they pass, when they’re in an altered state of consciousness. During this time, individuals report a strong sense of love, acceptance, and support.

Not only do I believe that when we pass, we are greeted by deceased friends and family, but also that when we pass, there is a Divine Spirit or God of your own understanding — a higher power, a source, or an infinite intelligence — waiting to meet and welcome you with love. This higher power never misses anyone transitioning to the spirit world.

It is also my belief that when we make the transition from living to physical death, we move into an afterlife, no matter the situation in which we passed, whether it be an accident, taking our own life, or even a child that has not been born into the world yet. This afterlife is available to all and we automatically transition into it. How many people have witnessed somebody transitioning and often said it’s very peaceful? This, I believe, is the transition to the afterlife.

Why I don’t believe in earthbound spirits

As a medium, I’m fully aware of the spirits that connect through me and have a desire to communicate with the sitter. This arrangement allows the loved one in spirit to connect to those here on earth through a medium, and it has never been a negative experience for me.

However, I must say that any fear within ourselves is very powerful and it can overtake us. If we have a sensitivity to the spirit world, we may feel and know many beautiful feelings in the spirit world, but if we are living in fear and difficult times in our own lives, we may interpret those sensitive feelings of the spirit world as being a ghost, a lost entity, or an earthbound spirit.

In other words, because many people are traumatized by challenges in life, they may have an interpretation that what they experience from the spirit world is something coming back and negatively affecting their life by haunting them or creating fearful situations.

But again, this has never been the case for myself during my evidential readings, nor for any of my mediumship friends and colleagues.

In addition, if we as humans are living with traumatized memories of our family and loved ones, and we have not come to peace with the individual’s passing, we may feel the presence of them. Often this is a feeling that our family is close, but this does not mean that they are earthbound.

I also think the idea of an earthbound spirit is a misconception that is often driven by media and pop culture to acquire attention, and possibly create fear in those who are still alive here on earth. However, it is my experience that the spirit world actually offers much love, acceptance and upliftment — so why would any Soul want to stay here on earth when there is actually so much more beauty, colour, music, and love in the spirit world? I know for myself I would rather be in the beauty and the music of the spirit world than return to Earth after passing.

The Afterlife Is Full Of Love

Knowing that your family is well and loved in the spirit world is the most amazing thing. It provides healing and an understanding, and sometimes even closure. It is far better to have closure of your loved one’s passing than be concerned, worried or scared that your loved one is still earthbound.

In fact, spirits are wonderful at creating reunions of love and memories during readings. Family members in the spirit world often share beautiful memories and experiences they had on earth, uplifting details, and sometimes will even share very unique information that could be about a lost item, or about something difficult going on in your life that you’re working on.

It is through their love and guidance that we are all assisted by our spirit family, who wants only the highest and best good for us. Please know that a reading with somebody that has passed does not mean they have not gone to the light, or that they have not passed over; it just means that they are communicating their love to you from the afterlife, since love, like life, never dies.



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Arlene Mills

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