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Arlene Mills
3 min readSep 22, 2021

For most, it is not an everyday event to have a session with a medium, so I can understand why people often ask me what to expect in a reading. I find it interesting how many individuals have never had a reading of any kind before and are hesitant to have one. Being wary of a reading and what may come from it is perfectly normal though.

However, I make it a priority to provide a very safe, trustworthy, and confidential environment. I ensure that the sitter does not feel anxious and is comfortable throughout the reading. It is the medium’s job to ensure the process is explained well, and what may occur during the time together.

What kind of information can you expect in a reading?

A psychic or intuitive reading is basically all about you! During this type of reading, a sitter only wants to know about their life through the use of intuitive information about the past, the present and the potential for the future. It is a soul to soul connection (my soul to the sitter’s soul, their higher self), and rest assured, plenty of intuitive information about your life will flow, as one would expect in a reading of this sort.

If it’s a spiritual reading, I will share mediumistic evidence of life after death. To do this, a medium uses their own senses to build trust with the spirit world. Images, feelings, smells, and a sense of knowing (also known as being claircognizance) are examples of what I experience when connecting to the spirit world.

The information I provide in a mediumship reading is evidence that only the sitter would know. This could be information about times shared together with the deceased loved one or special memories about them. These reading are often very healing for both the spirit world and for the sitter. It’s amazing what beautiful information is able to flow through in a reading of this kind.

Here’s what to expect in a reading done by myself

When booking a reading with me, you have the option to choose between a Mediumship Reading, an Intuitive Reading, or a Blended Reading. Once I understand what the sitter desires, I will schedule a Zoom call with them and will connect to their soul either intuitively or through mediumship, or a combination thereof.

Typically the sitter is not required to say much in a reading — often a yes, no or I don’t know is sufficient. I am sincere in my attempt to interpret all the information I receive to the highest and most accurate degree. Towards the end of a mediumship reading, I will accept questions from the sitter. This allows the spirit world to keep a strong connection with us throughout the time together, and once completed, we can discuss and go through some questions and answers.

After your questions, another thing you can expect in a reading from me is to leave feeling uplifted, maybe even thought provoked and joyful. It is my wish that you leave in a good, spirited way with so much love, knowing your family is with you and that they love you very much.

When all is said and done, I love sitting with people! I love the information that flows and I love to be present in the wonder of the connection. It is my belief that a good reading should provide healing of the spirit world and your own spirit.

Of all the things you can expect in a reading of mine, the one thing I hope you encounter the most is the love that I feel during the process; the love that the spirit world and our higher selves indicates is absolutely phenomenal, and I am fortunate enough to be in the presence of that love regularly.



Arlene Mills

Arlene Mills is a dedicated and trusted psychic and spiritual medium living in Victoria BC. Visit her website and book online with her at www.arlenemills.com