Why Psychic Scammers Feed on Fear!

Arlene Mills
5 min readSep 15, 2022


Today I want to talk about why some psychic scammers feed on fear. I am prompted to talk about this because last week, I read a CTV article about a young lady who was taken advantage of and lost $11,000.

This lady lived in Toronto and was scammed by another lady in Texas. The scammer presented herself as a TikTok psychic. I sincerely want to bring caution to anyone who is looking to have a psychic reading from someone who has approached them on a social media platform.

How do psychic scammers feed on fear?

I am aware that many people come to intuitive and psychic readers with insecurities and are in need of healing, often dealing with grief or would like to know where their life potentially can go. Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes which can potentially lead to some darkness in our mind. That darkness is often depression and uncertainty which leads to fear. When left too long, the fear and depression can grow within our mind and leave us in difficult circumstances. Individuals will seek help often during this time, such as utilizing a psychic.

With this uncertainty and depression, there are a few psychics that may attempt to utilize your fear for their financial gain of dollars and cents. This truly is why it’s so common that psychic scammers feed on fear — fear of being alone, fear of never getting closure, fear of never feeling good again, etc. If we take the young lady in this article as an example, we can see that she believed the psychic. She sincerely felt that this lady could help her remove the darkness attached to her — a darkness that the psychic told her was there.

However, there are some psychics in this field that will also prey on an individual’s fear by creating a fear. The scammer will indicate that there is some sort of “attachment” the sitter is unaware of. They often claim that this “attachment” is a negativity that has crippled into the sitter’s energy, or that there is a spirit that is attached to the sitter.

Personally, I do not believe this happens. I do not believe that anything negative gets “attached” to people. For many years, our society and pop culture has held beliefs that there can be negative supernatural attachments to people, however, it is my knowledge and understanding that we create this fear and our own darkness ourselves, and sometimes our mental wellness is affected.

Our bodies are significant in energy and we are actually quite powerful. This powerful energy that we have is what drives us forward, what helps us stay safe, what keeps us healthy, and this energy also keeps us in unity with others. This energy that I speak of is also our intuition, our own gut instinct, and our own knowing and senses. It’s the same energy that psychics and mediums use to blend with the sitter and spirit world. Without this energy, we would not be able to connect with others.

But it’s easy for certain psychic scammers to feed on fear when we lose that energy and do not trust ourselves. As such it’s important that we must always follow our gut instinct, especially when trying to avoid psychic scammers who feed on fear and uncertainty.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed By A Psychic

In the example of this scammed young lady, I can only assume that she went to the psychic to seek some clarity and help. Unfortunately, the young lady found the psychic on TikTok. That in itself would make me wonder and question if this is a reliable and reputable psychic!

Does the psychic have a professional website with a proper domain? Do they have a professional email (i.e not one with gmail.com or yahoo.com)? Do they have lots of good reviews and testimonials in a public place? These are all good things to question anytime you’re looking into a reading. There is so much BS on social media that it’s easy to get pulled into false claims and bad situations. I know I have.

I am truly sorry and touched for this young lady, because I know that we do not need anyone to remove “negativity” or “darkness.” Those things are usually there in the first place because of our own energy and our surroundings, and anyone who claims to be able to remove that for you for thousands of dollars is a scammer!

I want to reiterate that: we create the darkness.

We are quite strong in our energy; sometimes we create and maintain feelings of darkness around us, and with fear this can breed into more darkness and fear. If you feel you have darkness, do not feed more fear into it. Instead send love, light, positivity to help change the atmosphere and the energy.

I only bring this up not to worry anyone, but to assure you that you do not need to have a psychic take thousands of dollars to “remove negative energy.” In most cases, we are able to seek the help of our own spirit and soul for positivity and love, which can make all the difference.

The soul is your guide in life. The spirit is the spark that helps the guide in you. I repeat — you do not need a psychic for negativity work.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a psychic and intuitive read back your soul and spirit to you. If you’re seeking a psychic or a medium, the information that flows should feel correct, should sit well with yourself, and be easily understandable. If it doesn’t make sense check out my other blog post on what to look for when searching for a medium or intuitive. My suggestion is to definitely look at the referrals and ratings (they should have at least some!). This will help with finding a qualified and dedicated psychic.

There are many great psychics out there that have schooled for years in the area of intuitive development. Just take the time to find the right one for you.



Arlene Mills

Arlene Mills is a dedicated and trusted psychic and spiritual medium living in Victoria BC. Visit her website and book online with her at www.arlenemills.com